Browns Soliloquy (2009) Dark City Pictures

Directed by: Chris Fretwell


“Deaf Lenny”

Courtesy of Dark City Pictures.

Corners (2010)

Directed by: Jonathan Jones


“Business Man”

Three Wee Bush (2011)

Directed by: Sam Donaghy-Bell



Benched (2011)

Directed by: Andy Shannon


“Gentleman” (with Piotr Bakker)

Snooze (2010)

Directed by Dominick Hicks


(no pictures available)

My Sun Has Risen (2009)

Directed by Peter Hardy

“Dr Maximus”

(no pictures available)

Bloody Love Christmas (2010)

Directed by: Andy Shannon



The Sun Always Shines (2011)

Directed by: Uri Stramer


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With Dawson James.

Fisher (2012)

Directed by: Richard Perry


No picture available

Hemlock (2012)

Directed by: Rut Briones

Take Me Home (2012)

Directed by: Dom Lenoir

“Cab Driver”. On set at Gravesend. (Photo by Dom Lenoir)

The Longest Night (2013)

Directed by: Dom Lenoir

The Seventeenth Kind (2014)

Directed by: Andy Collier

On set in City Rd., London. (Photo by Edward Elgood)

“Dave”. Relaxing on set with the wonderful Sylvester McCoy