The Sky in Bloom (2010) Hydra Films

Directed by: Tor Mian

Watch the trailer

I’ve put a couple of my scenes online. Watch one of them here.

And the other one here.

“The Priest”

Photo by Fernando Ruiz. Courtesy of Hydra Films.

Culture Shock (2011) Dikenga Films

Directed by: Steve Balderson

Watch the trailer.


Photo by Mike Daly.

Aleister Crowley (2011) Dom Lenoir Films

Directed by: Dom Lenoir

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“Edward Crowley”

This sort of thing doesn’t happen often. I bumped into Steve Balderson, director of Culture Shock, when he was filming in Paris.

The Milkyway (2013) Hydra Films

Directed by Tor Mian

“Mr Harrison”

Charismata (2017) Loose Canon films

Directed by Andy Collier and Tor Mian